Kelley Nassief Soprano

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Clinics, Master Classes, Private Instructional Training, and Lessons

Clinics range from a variety of subjects including:

  • Anatomy of the Breath
  • Vocal Disorders
  • Muscle Tension Dysphonia 
  • Vocal Health
  • Freedom of Phonation
  • Tension in the Articulators
  • Pedagogy for Music Educators
  • The Private Studio:  How To Get Started
  • Business Advice for Young Singers
  • Mock Audition Workshop
  • Acting for Singers
  • The Art of Recital
  • Art Song Literature Italian
  • Art Song Literature German
  • Art Song Literature French
  • Art Song Literature British
  • Art Song Literature American
  • Diction for Singers
  • History of Opera
  • History of Musical Theater
  • Singing Musical Theater/The Belt Voice

Master Classes

  • Master Classes are offered at high school level to adults

Private Voice Instructor Training Intensive

Aimed at private voice teachers and music educators who are looking for a tailored intense training program in the following areas:

  • Vocal Pedagogy
  • The Adolescent Voice
  • Language and use of IPA
  • Teaching Techniques
  • Literature for Teaching
  • Vocal Disorders
  • Care of the Professional Voice
  • Various approches to belt and CCM
  • Song Literature
  • Acting for Singers
  • NYSSMA Preparation
  • College Audition Preparation
  • Establishing a Studio

Voice Lessons

  • Voice lessons are offered at my private studio, Adelphi University, and through Skype. 
  • I accept cash, check, credit card, or paypal
  • for more information on my studio contract, please contact me directly